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The Legacy of Nilofer Shahid

For the past three decades Nilofer Shahid has enthralled fashion connoisseurs around the world with the creative genius of a true maestro – a pioneer of haute couture in Pakistan. She is an ambassador of her country’s rich traditions as she opens the portal to the subcontinent’s history through her profound collections. Her label, Meeras, meaning heritage, is truly an immortalization of the past captivated in her classical ensembles. The designer from Lahore is Pakistan’s finest legacy to fashion, interwoven with her own spiritual realization of God’s ubiquitous presence manifesting through her beautiful creations.


Nilofer Shahid has been acclaimed and honored extensively, locally and internationally. In 2013, the French Government honoured Nilofer by conferring on her their highest civilian award, ‘Grade de Chevalier’ in the Order of Arts & Letters, in recognition of her major contributions towards Art and Culture. She is the only Pakistani designer to have been knighted.

Nilofer Shahid continues to redefine elegance and style; she experiments with shapes and silhouettes with spectacular results. She continues to raise the benchmark and at all times maintaining her pole position. No doubt she is the undisputed “Runway Empress of Pakistan”.