A Winter’s Tale Shawl


An ethereal design, inspired by Royal Culture, this shawl provides a breathtaking fusion of Pure black velvet & kimkhaab, further enriched with beautiful rubies and agate to give a feminine touch in a wonderful embroidered framework. The Gorgeous borders and hand-made Ns Tassels finish off this Graceful Shawl.

Stimulate your senses by gracing this signature NS shirt – designed on 100% pure crushed velvet finished with an embroidered array of rubies, Dori and emerald stones displayed along the neckline and Kimkhaab Pants for a surreal look.

Size: 2 yards and 30 inches            


Shawl: 100% Pure Velvet & Kimkhaab

Shirt: 100% Crushed Velvet

Pants:100% Premium Kimkhaab

All Fabrics Are NS approved and made to the highest standards of quality synonymous to Nilofer Shahid.

Price Query & Customisation

5 to 6 weeks