Crimson Majesty Shawl


Crimson Majesty, an alluring Pure velvet shawl with a blend of Gorgeous bronze metal thread work, it marries Mughal inspired embellishments with florals on a sublime deep maroon canvas. It dazzles with rich gemstones; an array of rubies, emeralds and jade, coupled with sequins and diamonties for the perfect NS Art.

Pair this creation with Nilofer Shahid’s Gorgeous Pure Embroidered Raw Silk jacket embellished with beautiful emerald green and ruby jewel enclosures an Ns Exclusive. The sleeves boast carefully crafted Dori work and semi-precious stones & a crushed chiffon Dress to add the Ns Flair.

Size: 2 yards and 30 inches            


Shawl: 100% Pure Velvet

Jacket: 100% Pure Embroidered Raw Silk

Dress: 100% Pure Crushed Chiffon

All Fabrics Are NS approved and made to the highest standards of quality synonymous to Nilofer Shahid.

Price Query & Customisation

5 to 6 weeks