Floral Divinity Shawl



A divine tissue Shawl immersed in rose gold, embodying alluring floral ornaments, entwined in Victorian leaves; the magnificent jewels of the east are a pure depiction of Royal manifestation, finessed gorgeously with NS signature handmade tassels in the Shawl itself with Beautiful Pearl Edging for the complete Ns Finesse.

Complete the look with a long, sleek shaded blue silhouette with a pleated frontier & Pearl Stones which complete the vision of the  signature NS woman; perfectly embodying the gradation traversing the length of the attire.

Size: 2 yards and 30 inches            


Shawl: 100% Premium Tissue

Shirt: 100% Premium Cotton Net

Pants:100% Pure US Silk

All Fabrics are NS approved and made to the highest standards of quality synonymous to Nilofer Shahid.

Price Query & Customisation

5 to 6 weeks