Magnifique Shawl


Magnifique, embodying the name, is an artfully Hand-painted shawl fashioned on a beautiful grey oeuvre. Inspired by Greek mythology, Nilofer Shahid created this mesmerizing piece of art painted to delve into a fantasy of its own.

Paired with the magical softness of Pure Chiffon infused with beautifully tailored pleats adding another dimension to the elegance of this timeless ensemble. Classic Pure chiffon pants, bordered with stunning frayed hem further beautify this gorgeous ensemble.

Size: 2 yards and 30 inches.


Shawl: 100% Pure Tissue Silk

Shirt: 100% Pure Shaded French Chiffon

Pants: 100% Pure Shaded French Chiffon

All Fabrics Are NS approved and made to the highest standards of quality synonymous to Nilofer Shahid.




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Luxury Pret:6 to 8 weeks 

formals:8 to 12  weeks



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