Nilofer Shahid pays a rich and glowing tribute to the legendary Mughal Empress Nur Jehan (1577-1645). Emperor Jehangir honored her by minting a coin in her name and stamped it with the title of BADSHAH BEGUM. Nur Jehan was one of the most powerful and influential woman in the history of the subcontinent – a legend and a fashion icon, the trends she set in fashion and jewelry are prevalent to-date. an exceptionally gifted perfumer who introduced the Rose Musk, an architect par excellence, an accomplished military strategist, a skilled marks woman, a patron of the Arts & Literature especially of Kashmiri art., a distinguished poetess in her own right, and a great Stateswoman. She was the only woman ruler in the great Mughal Dynasty. A woman of great strength and substance – her accomplishments are unparalleled in the history of the subcontinent.
“Though Nur Jahan be in form a woman,
In the ranks of men she’s a tiger-slayer”

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