Mystic Wrap


An opulent Pure navy velvet shawl adorned with an enchanting chromatic green kimkhab ornamented with rich jewels along with inspirations from traditional heritage embroidery which is lined with crush tissue and rich tassels for a completely unique look.

Size:  ≈3 yards
             100″ x  32″
Fabric:  100% Pure Velvet made to the highest standards of quality synonymous to Nilofer Shahid.


Due to the high demand of this product, the delivery can take approximately 7- 10 days.

Price Query & Customisation

Luxury Pret:6 to 8 weeks 

formals:8 to 12  weeks



Each product of ours is designed with highest quality standards and delicacy. Keep the outfit in the garment bag provided.
Handle with care.
Dry clean only