The Sapphire Royal Garland


“The piece de resistance”, a signature Nilofer Shahid heirloom.

An alluring Pure Velvet piece with a blend of deep gold metal thread work, embedded by rich jewel pieces with an amalgam of rubies, emeralds, jade, turquoise, coral and agate, encrusted with Swarovski’s mesh. A piece worked heavily from top to bottom, front to back meticulously to be passed on to generations.

Due to huge demand, we are re-launching our signature heirloom piece in Royal Blue colour and is now readily available for everyone.

Size: 2 yards and 27 inches by 30 inches
Fabric:  100% Pure Velvet made to the highest standards of quality synonymous to Nilofer Shahid.


Due to the high demand of this product, the delivery can take approximately 2 – 3 weeks

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