The Heavenly Tree


Inspired by the mythical heavenly tree, believed by many cultures all over the world is a tree in the garden of Eden, bearing fruit which gave eternal life, prosperity and spiritual growth…. a symbol of immortality.
To convey the essence of this mystic symbol, a long process of in-depth research, over a period of time, led to the creation of this collector’s item.
Hence The perfect canvas was this glowing fabric, an intrinsic fusion of cashmere interwoven with gold threading. painstakingly hand painted in a miniature technique in royal colors and edged with handwoven pure silk. A sublime work of art, to make you look ethereal.

Size:  3.36 yards
            121″ x  36″
Fabric:  100% Pure Cashmere interweaved with Gold Threading made to the highest standards of quality synonymous to Nilofer Shahid.


Due to the high demand of this product, the delivery can take approximately 2- 3 weeks

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